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Kahna College of Higher Education, Mouja Sherpur, Khanazadpur, Pargana Mujaffarabad, Tehsil Behat, Saharanpur was founded with the aim of giving new impetus and direction to education.

The college building is set amidst beautiful green lawn and have all facilities required for all round development of students such as well-stacked library and well equipped laboratories. Away from the pollution of the city, the school provides and ideal environment for academic and co-curricular excellence.

The college is committed to the cause of, promoting sound moral values, encouraging a scientific temperament and developing the overall personality of its students.

The focus of education in the college is to build the foundation of a strong character. To achieve this goal, the school lays stress on, developing in its students good behavior, discipline, courtesy, honesty, national pride, unity, confidence and cooperative spirit.